Wednesday, August 05, 2009

NEW! The Nick says : T shirt design


It is with the greatest pleasure and laughter, that at last. After much demand, I can bring to you the first of my new 'un-official' T shirt designs. Called 'The Nick says' this T shirt celebrates the very genius that is Mr. Nick Field and the Curveballs show on Phoenix FM. Of which I am a regular listener on a wednesday evening.

The cartoon image of Nick on the shirt is based on a cartoon/sketch that I made of him while watching and listening to the show. Righto! Is one of Nicks catchphrases, as is 'Keep the madness in your soul.' which is how he always signs out. Thought it would be nice to include that on the back of the shirt?

I uploaded my design and created the shop/shirt at Which, sadly did not allow me to place the image on a coloured shirt. Neither did it allow the use of the word 'phoenix' as it was copyright protected. I would of like to of added the Phoenix FM website and Curveballs to the design somewhere. But, found the creative software a little limiting. That's not to say that it can't be done? I just need to study it a little longer... Watch this blog and check out my shop for more great 'T' designs coming soon! Cheers, Paul x

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