Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marine Awareness!

Was very happy with the marine themed window art recently comissioned by Bedfords Park, for marine conservation awareness.

Pop along and show your support by signing the petition to stop valuable marine habitats around the UK being destroyed and to make them 'conservation' zones.

Can you spot Bernard the Gurnard?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pizzeria molto bene!

Spent late afternoon working on an 'A' Board at a brand new pizzeria,
Bella Naples in South Woodford today...

The smell from their freshly made, real fired wood oven baked pizza's was making my mouth water!

Marcello (manager) said, " We've only been open 3 weeks, and customers have been back for more 3 or 4 times already..."

The character on the board is the traditional mascot of Naples, Pulcinella. In case you were wondering why the chef has a black mask on, as I did...

The White Room

My 'boxroom' studio space has had a makeover!

Going to keep it minimalist...
clear space = clear mind

1 more coat on the floor required then I can have a good sort out & move in...

PS. Have relocated the webcam & computer.
WAS too much of a distraction.

Monday, August 15, 2011


My sincere apologies if you were expecting to see some 'recent' work...

As you can see I haven't posted any updates for several months. No excuses, this space has been neglected whilst I have been working. Business continues as usual...

I will endeavour to update some 'highlights' of the last year's work in the next few posts.
From then on, keep up to date with the blog & regular posting!

Please come and have a look again soon...