Monday, July 07, 2008

Day 10/11 - Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries

Day 10 - Spent half of today coating the baby room murals with a protective glaze, so that it could be wiped clean if necessary. The rest of the day was spent drawing up some rough designs for the next phase of the project taking place in the sleep room. Some cots have been re-located for the time that I'll be working there. My work at Bedfords park has had to be put on hold, whilst painting these murals. So that, I can get the work done a little quicker and the staff at the nursery can get the sleep room up and running again.

Day 11 - With the design worked out, I was able to get straight on with setting up the next mural. The 1st of two walls in the sleep room. An illustrative piece for the rhyme 'Hey diddle diddle'. Made some good progress today! Already started to fill in areas with colour.

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