Saturday, August 04, 2007

Scout Jamboree Logo - Starburst Project

Spent a great week working on this logo as part of the Scout Jamboree's Starburst Project. Which, deploys teams of Scouts from all over the world to assist and work on various worthwhile, local community projects. This one being the walled garden project in Bedfords Park. Which saw, in the course of a week. Over 900 Scouts pass through it's gates. An amazing amount of hard work was achieved on site and the every Scout was able to leave their signature and handprint as a permanent reminder of their time at Bedfords. Among my favourite handprints was this one. A nice little map of the world back to front, because this girl from Chile had forgotten that it would print the wrong way round.
Thankyou to photographer Daniel Bridge for the use of the top two photographs.

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