Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1 day's speed painting @ Elk bar!

It took a day to create this large board, advertising the beer garden at the Elk bar in Fulham.
I'd already had the initial idea in my head before starting this piece. So I was able to get stuck right in with the painting, building it all up from a basic three colour blend. Using the Elk's spotlighting as my background light source. One of the bar staff was most complimentary, saying that the way I was working reminded him of Bob Ross! I must admit, I felt in top form as this work came together piece by piece. The only regret is that I had to place the lettering over the top. However, that was what I was there to do. But, creating a large painting as quickly as I had done has since inspired me to replicate the work on canvas at home. The results of which I shall hopefully post up in the next few days...

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